Fact Check: Top 5 Vaping Myths That Are Complete Lies

No matter how many studies conclude that vaping is absolutely safer than smoking, people wouldn't give it a break and will perpetrate lies to shed the industry in a bad light. Some are pretty convincing for non e-cigarette users, albeit being complete nonsense for people who vape. We searched the internet to check on some…

How Local Vape Shops Can Connect To Their Customers

The vaping industry is booming since the last 2 years, and you could thank the sudden rise of vaping as a popular and better smoking alternative for that. Over the years, vape shops have been popping everywhere, but are they all making a decent profit? The answer would be no. Most people, albeit being equipped…

Geekvape Medusa RDTA 25mm Review

Get the Medusa RDTA 25mm for $24.99 at VaporDNA Geekvape's Medusa RDTA 25mm is its latest addition to its family of RDTAs.¬†Geekvape has kept on innovating its products, so its no surprise that it releases a new product once in a few months. The big question though, is this product worth all that hype? The…

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