What The New York Times Says About Vaping is Crap

An editorial published on The New York times says that the FDA regulation is only sensible, and is backed by evidence. Although it makes sense to regulate vaping products, The New York Times' Editorial Board seems to have forgotten what responsible journalism is, and did little to no research on the topic. Here are some…

Vape Laws in Australia – Is It Legal For Aussies To Vape?

Buy Vapes in Australia Vaping is slowly getting regulated in most countries, and the land down under, Australia, is no stranger to it; which shouldn't be a surprise since it is one of the countries with the strictest laws. Australia, which classifies nicotine as a Schedule 7 poison, has made it illegal to sell nicotine on all…

Is Vaping The Same as Smoking? Setting The Record Straight

Tobacco smoking has been around for centuries; our great grandfathers had their smoking fit and smoked tobacco whenever they feel like it. Smoking has grown into a multi-billion dollar industry and continues to thrive up to now. On the other hand, Hon Lik invented a marketable electronic cigarette in 2003, which is eating up a share…

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