How to Vape Safely and Avoid Explosions and Mishaps

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For the last few days that this blog has been up, we’ve been receiving comments on Facebook on how to vape safely and avoid battery explosions and other mishaps. We have decided to create a post that not only tackles this issue, but gives an ultimate roundup on how you can avoid vaping mishaps.

Just in 2016, we saw a lot of vaping-related accidents and to be honest, this is not fun and everything is getting out of hand. Whether this is a cause of know-it-alls trying to look cool or cloud chasers pushing their mods to the limit, it has to be put to a complete stop.

A good infographic about this was posted by Norstar Vape

vaping safety

Here are some things that you should remember to avoid vaping explosions:

For Mechanical Mods

  • Remember to lock your mod when not in use. If your mod doesn’t have a locking mechanism, take off your battery and store it properly.
  • Do not fire your mod if it feels really hot. Usually, a hot mod is accompanied by a hot battery, and warming the battery too much might cause it to vent.

For Variable Mods

  • Turn off your mod when not in use (usually 5 short presses on the power button).
  • Avoid dripping to much e-liquid on your RDA, as leaking juice could flow from your 510 connector to inside your mod.
  • Keep your mod in a cool and dry place. Your mod tends to gather humidity when exposed to too much air and it may conduct electricity that will cause your mod to autofire or short.

For Atomizers

  • Make sure that the positive post and the coil doesn’t touch the atomizer’s sleeve, or any other part of your atomizer, even non-metal/plastic parts since these may burn when firing and may release potentially harmful gases.
  • Make sure that the 510 pin always sits tight, even if you need it to protrude (for hybrid mods). A little movement might cause it to come in contact with other parts of the mod aside from the positive pin/battery and result to a hard short.

For Batteries

  • Take note of absolute safety limits of your batteries and build with just the right coil resistance. Most batteries are overrated, and pushing it to its limit might cause it to vent.
  • To know if your battery gets too hot, remove it from the mod after a few drags. If you can’t hold it for 10 seconds, your battery is stressed so change your build to a higher resistance.
  • Use a battery case to store your batteries (either a hard case or a jelly case). Keep it away from metal objects as this is the most common reason as to why batteries explode.

Rafael Deramas

Rafael Deramas is a digital marketer and a vaping advocate. He started vaping to reduce smoking back in 2011, and has fully quit cigarettes for 2 years and counting. He is also an e-liquid manufacturer and vape shop owner.

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