The Top 5 Best Vape Box Mods of 2017

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Whether you believe it or not, 2017 is here. Over the years, vape mods have undergone a lot of aesthetic and technical improvements. As the demand for vape mods increases, companies have been continuing to innovate and make new products that will suit every vaping enthusiast’s taste.

Today, we’ll be showing you the top mods to buy this 2017. Although some of these mods were released some time during 2016, we still believe that they are worth every penny to purchase this year.

1) Smok Alien 220 mod

$59.99 at VaporDNA

Smok Alien 220w TC Temperature Control

The Smok Alien 220w boasts a small form-factor with an amazing design, similar to an old school feature phone. This mod is so ergonomic that you’d love feeling it in the palm of your hands. This dual battery beast chucks up to 220w of power, meaning that it’s a serious contender in being one of the most powerful vape mods in its class.

2) Wismec Reuleaux RX-2/3 by Jaybo Designs

$54.99 at VaporDNA

Wismec RX 2/3 by Jaybo Designs

The Wismec RX200 and the RX200s just got a major upgrade. The popular mod designed by Jaybo got its dual battery treatment. If you are looking for that extra kick and you think that 2 batteries may not be enough to power your coil build, you can use the old school back cover that sports 3 batteries. It’s like having 2 mods in 1!

3) SOB (Smoke Out Box) Mod by Lando Oba IV

~$78.99 at SOB Philippines

Smoke Out Box Mod SOB By Lando Oba IV

This mod is the only Filipino made and unregulated box mod on this list, but it’s for a reason. We love the SOB box mod for its design simplicity and the intricate body designs. It comes in various body materials such as wood, delrin, colored resin, hybrid, and the more premium stabwood. The best part though, is that Lando, the maker of the mod, loves its users so much that he offers top-caliber customer support and even hosts parties exclusive for SOB users! To simply put it, you’re buying this mod and becoming a part of a bigger family.

4) Lost Vape Therion DNA 75 and 133

Starts at $123.99 at VaporDNA

Lost Vape Therion DNA 75 and 133

Being the only entry on this list with 2 mods, you’d love the Lost Vape Therion, whether it’s the 75 or the 133. Both Therion’s are powered by a DNA chip, and the only difference is that the 75 is run by a single battery and the 133 is by 2. What we love about the Therions is the premium leather and wood feel, accented by a little steel. It’s easy on the hands, and easy on the pocket too compared to other mods powered by a DNA chip.

5) Advken Ayana 60w

Advken Ayana 60w

Simplicity is beauty, and this is what the Advken Ayana 60w is about. This regulated resin box mod sports a basic design accented with tiger brass, but it looks so gold! Although it can power your atomizer to only 60 watts, what you’d love about this mod is the premium look and the small form factor that is handy enough to carry everywhere.

These by far are the best box mods that we think are worth the buy this 2017. If you have anything to add to this list, please feel free to post your comment below.

Rafael Deramas

Rafael Deramas is a digital marketer and a vaping advocate. He started vaping to reduce smoking back in 2011, and has fully quit cigarettes for 2 years and counting. He is also an e-liquid manufacturer and vape shop owner.

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