Vape Mod Reviews: Vaporesso Tarot 200w

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The Vaporesso Tarot 200w is a mod that sports a sexy design by using a carbon-fiber body paired with a good-looking zinc alloy bezel. It is sized just about the same as a cigarette pack so this mod is pretty handy. It weighs lighter than any other dual battery regulated box mods out there.

Ok, this is the hard part. I personally used this mod. Although it feels good to hold and is an eye-candy for vaping car guys (Carbon Fiber Yo!), it isn’t really the best mod out there. I used the Tarot 200w for around 2 months and there wasn’t a single day that I didn’t complain about it. There are just a lot of things in this mod that are so good, but there are more things that suck.

I don’t know if it’s a good or a bad thing, but the wattage adjustment only has whole number increments, meaning it takes you just 10 presses to leap from 60 to 70 watts. If you are an OC vaper (only vaping on wattage levels that are multiples of 10 or 5), then this might be good for you.  I was annoyed when I first tried this out, as it felt like the stone age of vaping when I first tried it. Like come on, the design should come with a good chipset right?

Another thing I hate about this mod is the quality of the paint on the mod’s bezels. The carbon fiber body looks stunning, but all that paint on the sides chipping off is quite disappointing, considering the Tarot’s price point, which is a bit more expensive than an RX200s.

I used to own one and the only things that I loved on this mod are the durability (my son threw it on a concrete wall once, even my kid hates it. Still worked fine after though) and the design. Apart from that shitty paint job chipping off, I am personally in favor of carbon fiber because I love carbon fiber as much as I love bacon.

There might be good things to appreciate about this mod though, but the point is I really don’t like it that I wouldn’t even recommend the dumbest vaper in the world to purchase it. Don’t make the same mistake that I did guys. That’s some pro advice right there.

This mod sucks overall. At a price range of $46-$57, I would just buy a Wismec or an Ayana Box Mod, which looks a bit less cooler than the Tarot 200w, but cheaper and has better features.If only my wife wouldn’t get mad about throwing a way a vape mod that works, but sucks in my opinion, I would have dispatched this mod a long time ago. It’s an eye sore everytime I look at it alongside my other mods.

A later version, the Tarot Pro, has that extra oomph by having a mini-usb charging port and a pass-through mode. Which is basically like operating the mod as a semi-mechanical box mod. Plot twist: the Tarot Pro sucked just as bad as the Tarot 200w.

I wonder if Vaporesso will ever redeem itself on the vaping community, but we’re keeping our fingers crossed that we don’t get disappointed after getting another Vaporesso mod for review purposes.

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