Lil SOB and SOA Mankind RDA – Mod and Atomizer Review

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During our trip to VapeCon Manila 2017, I scored a Lil SOB and SOA RDA (Mankind) to use as a daily vape mod aside from my regulated Eleaf iStick Pico. I got tired of using big and bulky mods and I don’t want a tube so I got the Lil SOB. It’s a single-battery box mod, which is handy enough on my own opinion. Read on to find out what I think about the Lil SOB and the atomizer I bought with it, the SOA Mankind RDA.

The Lil SOB Box Mod

The power of this single battery unregulated box mod is more than what you would expect from a mod of its kind.  It has copper and brass contacts, + a hybrid 510 connection that makes it fire like you are using a dual battery mod. If you’re addicted to cloud chasing but don’t want a huge ass mod to come with it, this is perfect for you.

The switch tends to get hot with sub-ohm builds, so you can purchase a copper spring to minimize this effect. For a measly 100 pesos ($2), you can get one and replace your stock spring switch with the copper version.

The Lil SOB fires from a side button, like it’s bigger brother, the SOB. What I like about this setup is that the button is less likely to be pressed inside your pocket or your bag since it’s sits in there safely and needs a bit of pressure to fire. It isn’t too hard to hurt your fingers though, it feels just smooth if you’re pressing it intentionally.

Like it’s predecessor, the Lil SOB comes in different body materials like kamagong, delrin, resin, hybrid, and stabwood.

Like what I mentioned above, I love the Lil SOB’s handy size and it weighs just enough for its size. With a mod this powerful, what can I ask for?

The SOA Mankind RDA

The SOA Mankind RDA’s design uses a cyclops airflow system that’s big enough for it’s size. The 25mm RDA (yes, 25mm) packs quite a punch and can accommodate a lot of builds, thanks to its awesome post deck design.

25mm vape atomizers don’t sit flush with older mods and tubes, so expect that you will have a limited selection of mods to use for this atomizer apart from the SOB mod family. I have tested it with the RX300, RX200s, and other regulated box mods, and it looks good though. Also, with future RDA and mod designs getting bigger and bigger, you’d probably have more choices to pair this atomizer with very soon.

The mod’s juice well is just deep enough to hold quite some extra juice, and the best part of it? The sleeve is tucked real tight in there so leakage is next to impossible.

If there’s anything that I didn’t like about this atomizer, it would be the airflow system’s lack of adjustment. It’s basically fixed in there, but it wouldn’t be an issue since it was mainly designed for serious cloud chasing, and it does its job very well. If you are someone who loves to adjust airflow based on your coil build, then this atomizer isn’t for you.

My Verdict

The Lil SOB and the SOA Mankind RDA is perfect for advanced users and serious cloud chasers. If you are looking for a compact mod and atomizer set that packs a punch on a compact size, then this is exactly what you need. Take note that the Lil SOB is a hybrid mod though, so be wary of vaping safety rules.

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