Smok Transformer 400 Watts Vape Mod Review

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Rumors about the Smok Transformer 400w regulated box mod has been circulating social media lately, but no official announcement has been made from Smok Technology Co. Ltd as of the moment.
Smok Transformer 400w round
The Smok Transformer 400w looks exactly like what it’s name suggests; a transformer. Seriously, it looks so robotic and sexy at the same time. Circulating photos online include a curved edge and the other one is a much more familiar, rectangular design.
Smok Transformer 400w square

Is this the answer to the Wismec Predator 228 and the Reuleaux RX300? We think so.

You might say that there is no point in buying a mod that fires up to 400w since you barely even use it for 100. The answer is this, your diver’s watch can go up to 50 meters, but you don’t even dive 10. The point is that it can, that’s why you just buy it.

If you think the competition is getting out of hand, we are on the same page. It is awesome though, how SMOK manages to come up with designs as good as this.

No specifications have been released yet, and we’re not even sure if this mod will be released at all. We do think however, that this mod will run on 4-5 batteries, so it could be really huge.

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Smok Transformer 400 Watts
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