The Smoking Ban in the Philippines and How it Will Affect Vapers

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Just last year, it was proposed to have a nationwide smoking ban in the Philippines. The anti-smoking bill was designed and patterned to Davao City’s Anti-Smoking Ordinance of 2012. Although this website is about vaping, read on to find out why we think that this is a real concern for vapers.

As reported by Health Secretary Paulyn Ubial, the executive order’s draft is awaiting President Rodrigo Duterte’s signature.

After this executive order is signed, smoking in public places would be illegal.

“There will be no smoking in public places anymore, whether indoor or outdoor. Parks, bus stations, and even in vehicles. All these are considered public places,” Ubial said.

The bill isn’t just about smoking though, electronic devices such as electronic cigarettes are included. This means that you won’t be able to vape in public. If you think this isn’t serious, events that are held on large public venues are included.

Ringing a bell? Yup, Vaping Conventions are included. So. no more vaping on events. Did we mention that vape shops are considered public places too? So, no more trying out of testers on vape shops too.

On the upside, you can still vape at home, on designated smoking areas, and on your own vehicle as long as it’s closed. The idea though, that you won’t be able to vape on events and shops makes it a bit harder to fathom.

Although it was not signed on Tuesday, March 7, the President iterated that he will be signing it anytime within this month. Also, he stated that the bill shouldn’t be patterned against the one implemented on Davao since the entire country is different from his hometown, so we are expecting better guidelines for this bill.

We at The Vaping Brotherhood believe that we shouldn’t be robbed of our right to vape.

What can you say about this issue? Please post your comments below.

Rafael Deramas

Rafael Deramas is a digital marketer and a vaping advocate. He started vaping to reduce smoking back in 2011, and has fully quit cigarettes for 2 years and counting. He is also an e-liquid manufacturer and vape shop owner.

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