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Cloud University E-Liquid is a relatively new juiceline in the Philippines, having started production only in December 2015. It is no stranger to local vape shops and even international resellers though, as with a short time upon its first production, it is already available in several shops in the Philippines and sold by international resellers such as in Saudi Arabia and in some parts of the UAE.

Cloud University E Liquid Flavors

These goodies come in 4 flavors, which are the following:

Red Skittles (Strawberry Skittles)

Rating: 5/5
Everyone who eats this popular rainbow candy has one favorite, the red one. This e-liquid achieved that taste so accurate that you’ll activate your sweet tooth once you get a puff of this e-juice.

Wild Bears (Gummy Bears)

Rating: 4.5/5
Gummy bear e-liquids have been in the market since vaping became a hit. This one though, is extra special mainly because it isn’t like any other gummy bear e-liquid that tastes a bit soapy. This one just has the right amount of sour, sweet, and that very slight jolly rancher candy hit, that perfectly compliments the gummy bear taste.

Cool Bears (Minty Gummy Bears)

Rating: 4.5/5
The Wild Bears favor given a menthol treatment isn’t really a bad idea. Minty gummy bears isn’t totally new, but this one takes the cake. Combined with the unique gummy taste of the wild bears, this one’s a good minty all day vape.

Minty Fruit Blast (Minty Banana Apple)

Rating: 5/5
The best seller among the 4 flavors, this fruity concoction captures exactly what its flavor describes, a minty fruit blast. Your first hit would taste more like a banana and the cool menthol and green apple flavors right away after you puff. Overall, this is the best menthol e-liquid we have tasted to date.

We get the hype that this e-liquid is getting. You’d rarely get a set of candy flavors that actually taste like candy and has no trace of that soapy taste and smell.

Cloud University E-Liquid Facebook Page

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