The 3 Things to Remember to Stay Vaping and Avoid Smoking Cessations

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You just bought that nice rad vape mod on sale at the local vape shop and you would like to convince yourself that it’s love at first sight and you’ll never smoke again.

You probably are thinking of all the bad decisions you made in your life that got you addicted to cigarettes and was wondering why electronic cigarettes weren’t invented on that exact time that you tried smoking.

Switching to vaping is almost the same as being unfit and deciding to go to the gym once and for all; it is very hard, but very doable.

Here are the 3 things that you should remember to stay vaping and avoid smoking cessations:

1. Get The Right Device/s

There is no “wrong” device, but you know, you might be disappointed with that first mod that you bought. Just like your first car, you need to have a special connection with your mod.

There are different types of mods out there, and you should purchase one that you’ll be using for a long time and would encourage you to stop.

Some new vape users quit immediately because they find their devices either too powerful or too unsatisfying. For starters, I’d recommend something that chucks out reasonable power but stays handy like the iStick Pico. A major downside of getting something so powerful would be the frequent maintenance (changing coils, cotton, etc). Believe it or not, people quit vaping because they hate putting effort in doing these things. Yup, damn lazy.

A sure way would be to buy a $500 mod. You’d be killing yourself if you get back to smoking after buying something worth a fortune to make you quit.

Kidding aside, look for something that compliments your vaping goals. If you are unsure of what mod to choose, just ask your local vape shop attendant and they will help you find the right mod for you.

2. Flavors and Nicotine Concentration

Like your vaping device, you need to have the right e-liquid flavors and nicotine concentration to keep yourself from smoking.

Other vaping blogs have guidelines on what nicotine to use depending on the number of sticks that you used to smoke. I call bullshit on that.

You see, nobody knows the “right” nicotine level for you except you. Vaping e-liquid that’s too harsh will make you quit and go back to smoking and vaping something with no throat hit would make you crave for tobacco even more. Try different e-liquid concentrations and see which range works for you.

If you like to reduce your nicotine intake in the long run, do it gradually. Jumping from 9mg to 0 is extremely stupid by our standards.

As for flavors, switch it up some times. Vaping too much of the same flavor would make you catch a vaper’s tongue and the vaping experience diminishes eventually, no matter how much love at first sight you had for that specific flavor.

Make sure that you regularly change the flavors that you vape. If you have the budget, have different types of e-liquid flavors on your stash. My favorite combination would be a bakery, a fruity, and a candy flavor that I switch up to keep everything tasting good up to the last drop.

3. Use The Force

There is no better way than to force yourself to stay vaping. It’s just mind over matter. Stay away from things that will make you smoke (lighters, and of course, cigarettes) as well as places where you usually get lit. If you used to smoke a lot on drinking sessions, it would be better to avoid alcohol until you are confident that you will never ever taste that cancer stick again.

Remember why you started vaping, and keep in mind that cigarettes will kill you in the long run if you don’t stop. I was once a smoker too, and I know it’s hard to convince yourself to quit smoking entirely, especially on the earlier stages.

In any case that you fall into the tempation and light a stick, stop hating yourself for slipping and tasting tobacco every once in a while. Thinking about why you slipped only worsens the cessations. I’ve been there and I know that.

Also, remembering that long-term habits take some time to develop, so don’t give up too early. You’ll reap what you sow very soon.

Got anything to add? Let us know on the comments section below!

Rafael Deramas

Rafael Deramas is a digital marketer and a vaping advocate. He started vaping to reduce smoking back in 2011, and has fully quit cigarettes for 2 years and counting. He is also an e-liquid manufacturer and vape shop owner.

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