How Local Vape Shops Can Connect To Their Customers

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The vaping industry is booming since the last 2 years, and you could thank the sudden rise of vaping as a popular and better smoking alternative for that. Over the years, vape shops have been popping everywhere, but are they all making a decent profit?

The answer would be no. Most people, albeit being equipped with tremendous knowledge about vaping, have no experience in handling their own business. This, together with a lack of business exposure, is a formula for disaster.

It comes to no surprise that vape shops have been closing as fast as new ones are established, mainly because they know that the market is there, but they have no knowledge on how to tap into it.

Marketing is an essential part not only of a vape-related business, but practically every other business out there. Without reaching your target audience, you have to get used with the familiar faces that you see on your shop everyday.

Believe it or not, you can advertise your vape business at a low-cost. Contrary to popular belief that

How to Connect Your Vape Shop to Customers

  1. Create a Google Business Profile

    If you have tried searching for vape shops on a specific area thru Google, you might notice that before the list of pages relevant to your search appear, you’ll find a map with location pins pointing to vape shop locations on that area. You may want to join the fad and be there to get your vape shop exposed to your local community. Getting a Google My Business page set up will help you get into those local map results.

  2. Create Directory Listings

    Much like Google My Business, there are other places on the internet where you can post your business listing for free such as Yelp and other online yellow pages. If you are looking for a business directory that specifically caters to vape shops, The Vaping Brotherhood’s vape shop directory is a good place to start. The signup process takes less than 5 minutes and in no time, the world will be aware of your existence.

  3. Promote Your Business Offline

    You may have friends who vape, and they may have friends that vape too. Give out shirts, car decals, and other freebies to your shop’s existing customers as well as your vaper friends and wait until the word comes out and people start storming your shop.

  4. Attend Vaping Events

    Vaping conferences are your sure fire way of getting your shop introduced to the industry and enthusiasts. Wait for posts regarding planned events on your area and if you have the time and money to invest, sponsor or get a booth on these events. You’d be surprised with how much exposure you’ll get.

  5. Take Advantage of Social Media

    Join vape groups in your local area and post updates on your business really frequently. You also need to setup a page where you will post the same content plus a couple of vaping tips or some good information that you are willing to give out (except your business secrets that are highly confidential of course). This builds your credibility and will get people to recognize your brand and your business.

  6. Get a Website Set Up

    Although this isn’t exactly a cheap method of getting exposure, it is very much worth it. A simple website from one of our partners, Upranx Digital Marketing would cost no more than $600. A big advantage of having a website though, is that you’d look more professional than your competitors that don’t have one. People who look for businesses and find out that they have their own site are more likely to pay the business a visit.

  7. Advertise Online

    Advertising your business on online platforms such as Google Adwords and Facebook Ads requires a bit of capital, but is well-worth it in the long run. Learn the ropes of advertising and if you think you are ready, dive in and get surprised by how much advertising boosts your business. There are free advertising methods too, such as creating directory listings (mentioned above) and a handful of other methods. If you do not have the time to learn about all of these things and would like to get a professional do it for you, again, we would like you to checkout our partner firm Upranx Digital Marketing .

Getting your vape shop known isn’t really that hard as long as you are willing to invest time, money, and effort into it. All of these though, would bear fruit once people get to know your business. Foot traffic will start coming in and your small startup vape shop would be the next vaping empire anytime soon.

Rafael Deramas

Rafael Deramas is a digital marketer and a vaping advocate. He started vaping to reduce smoking back in 2011, and has fully quit cigarettes for 2 years and counting. He is also an e-liquid manufacturer and vape shop owner.

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