Fact Check: Top 5 Vaping Myths That Are Complete Lies

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No matter how many studies conclude that vaping is absolutely safer than smoking, people wouldn’t give it a break and will perpetrate lies to shed the industry in a bad light. Some are pretty convincing for non e-cigarette users, albeit being complete nonsense for people who vape.

We searched the internet to check on some popular but completely nonsense vaping myths, and here are the best 5 that we found:

Vaping Causes Popcorn Lung

In December 2015, a team from Harvard released findings that there is diacetyl present in e-cigarettes. Clickbait websites immediately started cashing in on the news and posted an article about the topic on their websites.

The fact is, diacetyl isn’t even proven to cause a popcorn lung, and it is present in cigarettes too, in notably higher amounts. This is a great example of how people are gullible enough to believe everything that they see on the internet.

Upon doing a more intensive research on the said disease, it has been found that it originated from people working at popcorn factories who contracted the illness at work, which was allegedly caused by diacetyl that is found on butter flavorings. No official research concludes that it is diacetyl that causes it though. Circumstantial evidence isn’t really hard evidence, people.

Black Hole Lung

After the popcorn lung “incident”, it comes to no surprise that it will be followed by something even worse. Another fake story was published by The Sun titled “Vaping Burned a Hole in My Lungs”.

According to the report, it was said that a very hot e-liquid spitback made its way from his mouth to his lungs. If you do vape, you might already know that this is next to impossible. It is physically impossible to heat e-liquid from your vape device enough to burn a hole in your lungs. Also, if it indeed was hot liquid, it is very surprising that his mouth and throat were unharmed during the ordeal.

E-Liquids Contain Anti-Freeze

While it is true that Propylene Glycol is an ingredient of anti-freeze, it doesn’t necessarily mean that anti-freeze is present on your e-liquid (take note, ‘ingredient’).

The best part of this myth is that stupidity got the best of whoever thought of this and failed to do some research on Propylene Glycol. It is added to anti-freeze to reduce its negative effects on the body in case it is swallowed.

Vaping Produces Formaldehyde

While it is true that Propylene Glycol might produce formaldehyde when heated, you need a significant amount of heat to do it. It requires temperatures of over 600-degrees celsius, which in vaping terms, is like inhaling dry hits 200% of the time.

The folks who did the research were stupid enough to use machines to simulate the vaping process. You know, machines that you plug into your wall outlet and produces up to 110-220 volts. A vape mod couldn’t produce that much voltage, let alone a significant amount of heat. These “scientists” were geniuses, but failed to consider that most important factor of the study, leading to it being botched.

Nicotine is Cancerous and is in Your E-Liquid

Yes, e-liquids contain nicotine but no, it is not cancerous. Various studies conclude that nicotine is addictive and is only as harmful as your cup of coffee. It isn’t nicotine that causes cancer even in cigarettes, but the thousands of other chemicals that you will find in it.

Various groups did the study and guess what? No one has proven that nicotine causes cancer.

Unless someone publishes a study that vaping is bad and backed up with significant evidence and information, the vaping community wouldn’t believe all the crap that the internet has been feeding us lately.

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Rafael Deramas

Rafael Deramas is a digital marketer and a vaping advocate. He started vaping to reduce smoking back in 2011, and has fully quit cigarettes for 2 years and counting. He is also an e-liquid manufacturer and vape shop owner.

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