Vaping is Bad! And Here’s Why

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Vaping has been around for quite some time, believe it or not, the first vape was patented sometime in the 1960s, and the term “vaping” was coined in the 1970s. It is just in the early 2010s though, that we have seen a large growth in vapers, and that boom ignited groups of people who were quick to do research if it has any negative effect.

There are a lot of studies saying that vaping is bad, so we did some research and tried to debunk them. What we have found though, will shock you. Vaping indeed is bad, and here are just some of the reasons we have found:

Why is Vaping Bad?

  1. Tobacco companies will run out of business

    It is no secret that the biggest enemy of vaping is the tobacco industry. Since the boom of vaping during the early 2010s, we have seen a huge decrease in smokers for the last few years. Eventually, tobacco industry CEOs will get fired for not making enough sales. Don’t worry though, there are a lot of jobs out there for factory workers that aren’t as unhealthy as working in a smelly cigarette factory.

  2. Sales on nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) products will decrease

    Although NRT products were built for the same purpose, the rise of vaping as a better smoking alternative  has affected sales of NRT products like nicotine gums and patches. Eventually, NRT companies will either close down, or join the fad by developing vaporizers on their own. Don’t laugh at it, even Apple patented an iVape, and they don’t even sell NRTs or tobacco.

  3. Hospitals will lose patients

    Since more and more people are switching to vaping, hospitals are losing patients that are looking to join quit-smoking programs. Believe it or not, hospitals are earning decent money in such programs. Apart from that, pulmonologists will lose jobs because of the huge decline in patients that are contracting lung diseases. These poor doctors will resort to studying other fields and look for other specializations. To Doctors: Since the number of smokers are decreasing, it is safe to assume that impotence will decrease. Maybe a career in reproductive health is a good field to transfer into.

  4. The government wouldn’t run out of work to do

    As the vaping industry gets bigger, the government will find more ways to regulate and tax it. Vaping will eventually be covered in sin tax laws since it wouldn’t be earning enough from tobacco companies. The government would spend a lot of money to make phony research papers regarding the bad effects of vaping. The FDA will make more and more regulations on vaping too. Whew, that’s a lot of work.

  5. Smokers will hate you for blowing better-smelling vapor (and more clouds)

    Smokers are the ones that are greatly affected by vaping. Most smokers will hate you for hanging out at the bar and blowing bigger (not to mention better smelling and less-harmful) clouds than they do. In the end, that hot chick hanging out near the comfort room will end up talking to you and not that smelly smoker.

There are a lot more reasons to say how bad vaping is, but these by far are the worst.

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Rafael Deramas

Rafael Deramas is a digital marketer and a vaping advocate. He started vaping to reduce smoking back in 2011, and has fully quit cigarettes for 2 years and counting. He is also an e-liquid manufacturer and vape shop owner.

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