Cheng Dela Cruz – The Man Behind VapeNetwork and Innovapemeet

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Mr. Cheng Dela Cruz, the man behind Vape Network and one of the biggest vaping event in the Philippines, Innovapemeet, is undeniably one of the country’s biggest names in the industry today.

Starting with just 5 pcs of Liquefaction e-juice and 10 pcs of C-Vapors and Premium Blend, Cheng has built Vape Network from a small vape shop into a booming vape empire.

We had a short  interview with Mr. Cheng Dela Cruz to know more about Vape Network and a little bit of history of the prestigious Innovapemeet.

The People Behind Vape Network

  • Cheng Dela Cruz OWNER
  • Katrina Carlos OWNER
  • Jethro Garol (FORMER MEMBER)
  • James Kuhlman (Workmate)
  • Miguel Reyes (Workmate)
  • Angel Honorio (Workmate)

Mr. Dela Cruz says that the secret to VN’s success is just one firm statement, “Tunay lang po sa sarili” (True to oneself). Indeed, it was Cheng’s own life experiences that gave him that incredible work ethic.

When we asked Cheng why the idea for Innovapemeet came into fruition, he said, “NUNG DI AKO BINIGYAN NANG BOOTH”!!! I decided to create a very unique event. (INNOVAPEMEET)” (I wasn’t given a booth for an event, so I decided to create a very unique event).

With Innovapemeet Summer Bash being the most successful event this year so far, we asked what more we can expect from Vape Network, and we were greeted with a very short answer; “Expect the UNEXPECTED :)”.

Indeed, the event is one of the most sought after vape conventions in the Philippines, and big names are competing just to get in and showcase their products.

Vape Network’s products include the following:

  • Boy Lapot Competiton E-Juice
  • Puffboy E-juice
  • Kapayapaan E-juice
  • Daddy O’s E-juice
  • Fucking Amazing E-juice
  • YowWazzup E-juice
  • Wholesale and Retail for Vape Hardware

Vape Network has 17 branches in the Philippines and is continuously growing, from North to South Luzon.

Indeed, from a man with humble beginnings to a vaping tycoon, you would have to admire Mr. Cheng Dela Cruz’s hardwork and dedication to the industry.

You may visit Vape Network’s official Facebook page here.

Rafael Deramas

Rafael Deramas is a digital marketer and a vaping advocate. He started vaping to reduce smoking back in 2011, and has fully quit cigarettes for 2 years and counting. He is also an e-liquid manufacturer and vape shop owner.

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