6 Everyday Vape Hacks You Need to Know

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Are you a new Vape user, or are you a Vape user that is using Vaping devices for a long period? Everyone knows that there must be a hack for doing something easier, faster, safer or better. Well, this topic will show you some Vaping device hacks and teach you how to use them regularly, for everyday purpose. By using these hacks, you can improve the lifetime of the Vape or change the way you use it. Lets have a look at our 6 everyday vaping hacks.

1. Trying different flavors

If you are a Vape user or just someone that plans to begin Vaping, you will agree on this one. There are many flavors out there, and you need to try out every single one there is. The flavors can vary from sweet to bitter and all the way to the traditional tobacco taste. Basically, the e-juice is the key part of your Vaping so make sure that you choose your taste wisely. You can find the best ejuice deals all over the internet, just make sure to pick the right ones that will make you feel refreshed.

2. Cleaning your copper mod with ketchup

Ketchup? Really? Yes, really. Actually, it’s the best technique for cleaning your copper mod. This has been tried out by many Vaping users and they highly recommend it. Knowing that almost everyone has this product laying around their house, kitchen or fridge, we can say that this is the perfect option for cleaning the copper mod. As you know, there are many products out there that will do the job, but when you have ketchup as an option, nothing can keep you away from doing a couple of tests.

3. Always carry your mod upside down to prevent from leaking on your clothes or hands

Keeping or carrying your mod upside down will prevent from leaks in your pocket or bag. Even if you carry it with you, holding it in in your hands, try to hold it upside down because it will prevent you from getting your clothes and hands all juicy. You don’t want to know or feel the struggle again, do you? If you hold the mod correctly, you are minimizing the chances of 4.5 ml juice spreading all over you, which is a good thing to know.

4. Using and taking hand sanitizers everywhere you go

Hand sanitizers are an everyday use product, which sometimes can save the moment and part of your time. Basically, if you, by your or someone else’s fault, drip Vaping juice on your hands or clothes, you can easily wipe it away. If you think that soap and water can help in this situation, then be sure that you are making a mistake from the start. The purpose of hand sanitizers are to clean good and fast. So, if you find yourself in this kind of a situation, make sure to use your hand sanitizers, they will save you a lot of time and maybe even your favorite t-shirt or jeans.

5. Make space and sort your Vapes out using Lego blocks

Usually, the things that we need the most are somewhere around our house, not in the stores. In this situation, if you have kids that play with lego blocks or you have some laying around the house, you can actually use them to stack your Vapes on. What you are looking on is the female part of the Vape, which is round and has a hole. Well, this is the part that you are going to put on the top pointy part of the lego block. Voila, there you go. You got yourself a Vape holder. You can easily place the Lego block wherever you want and it will look astonishingly beautiful.

6. Keep your Vape stuff in an empty cosmetic set box

The empty cosmetic set box from your wife, girlfriend, mother or daughter can help you sort your Vape stuff at one place. Usually, every cosmetic set box has its own slots, in which you can insert your Vaping objects or batteries. This helps out a lot, knowing that there aren’t many options when it comes to storing your Vape.

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