Vaping Vs Smoking: Yes, Vaping Really Can Help You Quit

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Vaping is one of the quickest to take hold trends in recent history. At the same time, why vaping has become so popular so quickly is simple. Even the most health conscious smokers find it excruciatingly difficult to kick the habit. This being the case, vaping is appreciated by many as the perfect compromise.

When vaping, traditional smokers still get their all important nicotine fix. What people who vape don’t have to worry about, however, is inhaling the hundreds (if not thousands) of toxins and carcinogens present in traditional cigarettes and tobacco products themselves.

Is Vaping Really a Safer & Healthier Alternative to Smoking?

While vaping has become popular among millions of smokers world wide, it’s no secret that vaping itself has been dogged by criticism from certain health and product safety groups. Health critics say that vaping doesn’t actually help people cure their basic reliance on nicotine itself. Meanwhile, exploding vaping devices have been touted several times as a serious direct health hazard.

Thankfully, in the latter case of exploding devices, smart consumers really don’t need to worry. This is because only cheap counterfeit vaping devices have ever been known to seriously malfunction. Higher quality devices bought from established vendors such as VapeDrive, on the other hand, have a perfect safety record. Where things really start getting interesting, however, is when it comes to the fact that vaping is now proven to possibly help even long-term tobacco smokers finally kick the habit for good.

It’s Official: E-Cigarettes can help People Quit Smoking

According to recent articles published by trusted medical magazines and journals such as Medscape, one of the biggest benefits of vaping, in general, might rest with the fact that vaping is actually helping more people to stop smoking than ever before.

Sound too good to be true? Well, it’s not. In fact, in a peer reviewed study published in the British Medical Journal, researchers in California have found a direct relationship between numbers of smokers who transition to using vaping devices and increasing numbers of people who are finally managing to quit smoking for good.

Why Vaping Might be Helping

While no one (as yet) has shown how exactly vaping might be helping people to give up nicotine, the actual reason might lie with the additives which many tobacco companies add to traditional smoking products in the first place. In the late 1990’s, for example, tobacco industry insider Jeffery Wigand revealed how many big tobacco companies intentionally add ammonia to cigarettes in order to make them three times more addictive.

Might you be more addicted to ammonia than you are nicotine itself? If so, vaping is easily the best way to transition away from such harmful additives and in the process, perhaps also start transitioning away from nicotine altogether. The only question, in this case, is have you tried vaping yet?

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