What Is a Vape Mod?

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All vaping fans have personal preferences. Some have a single vape liquid flavour that they use consistently, while others experiment with flavours and concentrations frequently. Vape pens also come in different weights so they feel different in users’ hands. Vape fans can use different accessories like these vape mods to create a wholly unique vaping experience.

Why Users Customise Their Vaporisers

Vaporisers allow users to customise the flavour, weight, and power of their vape pens so that they can take smooth pulls. Modifying your vape pen can also help it to stay charged for longer and require fewer replacement cartridges. If a vape pen feels too heavy in your hand, but you like everything else about it, using a vape mod can also make it more compact and lightweight. Most people who modify their vapes have been doing it for a while, so their choice comes down to experience and knowledge. If you use it just for casual vaping or just vaping weed, it would be much better to not customize and buy some cheap weed vapes for sale.

Why Modifying Vapes Is an Important Preference

Those who decide to move on from e-cigarettes to vape pens and vaporisers usually enjoy experimenting with vape mods. Modifiers can make the flavour more concentrated and improve battery power. Since vapes are portable, most users want to be able to travel and use them for longer periods of time. Modifying vapes is also important if you want your vape to feel comfortable as you hold it and take pulls.

How Can You Modify a Vape?

Users who want to change some element of their vape pen use modifiers. Any time you choose a new element that didn’t come included with your vape, you are actually working to modify it. It could be a newer and longer lasting battery or a wider mouthpiece. Since vapes have just a few pieces, there are multiple ways to modify them.

Custom Versus Vape Mod Kits

Novices generally prefer sticking to vape mod kits because they work well with vapes made by popular manufacturers. If you don’t want to use tools to modify your vape, then vape kits are probably best for you. Custom vape modifications are more advanced and you have to have some knowledge of electrical components for everything to work.

Can Modifying Vapes Change the Flavour?

If you use different vape oils in a vape that has been modified then you may notice differences in taste. This is a major reason why many vape fans change the parts of their vaporisers. Taste is essential when vaping so vapers may work tirelessly to produce a preferable vaping experience with various mouthpieces as well as refillable tanks.

How Can You Make Your Vape Battery Last Longer?

Simply change the battery that came with you vape pen to one that promises to provide a longer life. Vape pens usually come with rechargeable batteries so you should purchase several batteries that can be replaced and recharged when needed. Some vape fans will use vape pens that use less battery in order to produce more power. Make sure you have chosen a battery for your vape that is compatible and provides ample voltage.

Why Drip Tips Are Important

You may not want to change the mouthpiece on your vape pen until you take a tug off of your friend’s vape and feel the difference. The way that your vape’s mouthpiece fits in your mouth is crucial for an enhanced vaping experience. It should fit between your lips comfortably and you should be able to drag pulls without straining your throat. Trying different mouthpieces should help you in finding one that fits your preferences.

How Should a Vape Pen Feel In Your Hands?

By design, vape pens are light and can be held by users with one hand. Sometimes vape mods can change the way that a vape feels when held, but they should never be noticeably heavy or bulky. If your arm ever grows tired from holding your vape, then it should likely be modified for added comfort. I would recommend the best dab pens of 2018 to be on your list of selections.

Vape mods are any element of a vape that is changed for enhancement purposes. Using a more powerful battery to make your vape last for several more hours is considered to be a modification. Putting a larger or wider mouthpiece on your vape counts as a mod, too. One last piece of advice: change one component at a time on your vape pen so you can feel which mods provide the best end results.

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