7 Simple Ways to Save Money on Vaping Products

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The use of e-cigs or vaping is far better than smoking
It is well recorded how devastating smoking can be. Thanks anyway to vaping, an alternative that’s even better.

With the freedom to vape anywhere, a better and healthy habit, a pleasure that’s next to none, better taste, and flavor, and an improved sense of smell, vaping is the way to go.

However, do you vape your way to being broke? NO!

We all love to save money…

It doesn’t matter if you are shopping in a supermarket or you are about buying your new ride. It makes sense always to have a good deal, and every possible thing is done to save money. This, however, is only possible if you are well equipped with the necessary information.

Saving money is also very possible for those who love vaping.
There are many people who after they start vaping, discover it can cost a fortune to continue. Thank goodness, there are ways to cut costs and spend less while retaining the fun and pleasure while vaping the way want.
What you love shouldn’t cost you so much!

7 Simple tips to cut costs and save money on vaping products

1. Talk with vendors

Is there a brand you like or prefer?

Why not take advantage of your love and write them?

Write a good review or testimonial about their product(s). In your write-up, ask if they have a coupon or discount. Request to be informed of any promotions or any incentive.

They might send you a free product or give you a personal discount or coupon code.

However, you must be sincere in your review or testimonial. Companies love and pay heavily for feedbacks, and this is synonymous with feedbacks.

2. Do not waste E-juice

E-juice isn’t that expensive. But when you start vaping, you’d realize you are spending whole lots on the juice. And without the knowledge of how to reduce how much you spend, you are just going to continue spending on it while your finance will suffer.

One of the ways to cut down on the cost is to stop wasting the e-juice you are using. There are a variety of ways to do this.

One of the most obvious ways is to check your daily consumption of juice and make an adjustment accordingly. It is possible that you consume much more than you should, or you consume more than you need, or your situation pushed you to use more than required.

For example, if you work away from home, it is possible you’re vaping all day and every day, which can make you burn even more e-juice constantly. When you restrict yourself a little bit and select or fix a particular time for vaping, you can do yourself a lot of good.

There are some other means you might be overusing or wasting e-juice.
For example, if your e-cigarette has a leakage somewhere or if you suck the e-juice into your mouth directly, it’ll sure waste your e-juice. You should repair the leaky e-cigarette tank and in the other case, learn how vaping is done without sucking the e-juice into your mouth.

3. Identify the problems with your e-cigarettes then repair them

Of course, this problem is a general one, and it extends even far beyond the lovers of vaping. In the society today, when any of our gadgets develops a fault or stops working, we a quick to throw them away, then we buy a new one.

It is true that there are times your e-cigarettes need to be replaced because they are not meant to last forever, however, if it is an issue of only one leakage or two, then it can be fixed.

Mostly with only a new o-ring. If it dies off after a few minutes of being used, then a new battery can be used to fix it. In some other cases, an e-cigarette that doesn’t produce vapor enough or doesn’t give as quality taste as it used to might be fixed by proper cleaning.

Instead of throwing an old e-cigarette into the trash can because it does not work, try probing into it to ascertain what’s wrong.

A simple research into what the fault is will reveal the problem and help you normally use your e-cigarette again.

4. Stick with your created budget!

t is possible to overspend by hundreds of dollars monthly on vaping and vaping products.

And although it is right for you to spend money on the products you love, it is very proper for you to create a budget so you can spend money on other things you want and mostly need.

If you have more than enough money to spend, you’d see there are lots of vaping products and flavors.

But if you don’t have too much money to burn, it is nice if you first understand how much you are comfortable to spend during the month on vaping and stick to it.

Creating a budget is very important, and it is even helpful in other areas apart from vaping.

5. Buy Online

Of course, this would surely hurt shops that are not online because these shops are a very important part of the community, and they play an important role in making vaping possible. But this will help you save a lot of money.
If saving money is your concern, then shopping online is the way to go…
This method has helped hundreds of thousands of people!

One would have said the only let down of this method is that you wouldn’t be able to test your products before you make payments, but remember the FDA regulation? That would restrict you from testing the products in the vaping shops too.

When you shop online, you have the luxury of applying coupons upon checkout. There are many coupons which you can apply to get a certain amount of discount and maybe rebates. These can give you as high as 50% off on vaping products and some mouthwatering deals too.

6. Start building and customizing your coils

While many fancy the purchase of pre-built cartridges, you can opt to learn how to build your coil by yourself.

The building of coils is not so difficult to learn. There are hundreds of tutorials on coil building on YouTube. It is primarily you wrapping the coils and inserting cotton in the middle.

More than just saving money, it is one of the ways for you to build a custom coil. You know how best you like your vaping. You know the sweet spot you like and can’t-do without based on the vapor production and flavor. Building your coil is simply customizing your experience.

The usual price for one pack of a coil of around five pieces is about $20. It is possible for you to buy one spool of wire for between $3-$6.

This will even last you longer than the usual pre-built coil will.

7. Buy more for less

This is a bonus tip, but it could be all you need.

Try looking for the 120ml bottle of e-juice. The price of this bottle is far more economical than the price of the 30ml. You might even find them both to be of almost the same price.

In the end, vaping shouldn’t run you dry. You should make conscious effort to save some money as much as possible as you vape so that you can do other things.

Make efforts to apply these steps and see how much you’d have saved at the end of the month. The outcome will be amazing, and you’ll have a few more bucks in your wallet at the end even as you continue enjoying yourself. To save more money on vaping, I suggest that you take a look at these coupons and discount codes for vape bright.

Rafael Deramas

Rafael Deramas is a digital marketer and a vaping advocate. He started vaping to reduce smoking back in 2011, and has fully quit cigarettes for 2 years and counting. He is also an e-liquid manufacturer and vape shop owner.

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