7 facts about e-liquid or vape juice

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Do you even vape? Even if you do, there are probably many facts about e juice that you are not aware of. And you may even believe some false facts about e-liquid and vape, in general. This whole article should help clarify all of the facts that you need to know about vaping.

Ingredients are safe and common

The ingredients that are used to make blends of vape juice are actually quite common and safe. Most of the ingredients that are used are food-grade. Propylene glycol (PG) is even found in many kinds of medical products, such as inhalers for asthma sufferers. E-liquid made with a solution of PG and CBD oils are also recommended for a plethora of diseases. Check this link for the 7 Best CBD Vape oils.

Can help in quitting smoking

The health effects of smoking are widely known. So it is advised that many smokers switch to vaping because it is much less detrimental to their health. And studies have shown that switching to vaping can help smokers kick their habit.

Does not contain formaldehyde

One false fact that is spread around is that vape juices commonly contain formaldehyde and other kinds of toxic chemicals. That is simply too far out of a belief about vape juice.

Cheaper than cigs

It can be more economical to vape rather than to smoke. Sure, the initial cost of getting an e-cig kit can be slightly higher than a single pack of cigs. But over time, the cost of using bottles of vape juice is significantly lower than smoking a pack of cigarettes regularly.

Some are nicotine-free

Not all e-liquid contains nicotine. There are many online sellers of e-liquid that carry nicotine-free blends of vape juice. So just because some vapes does not mean that they are addicted to nicotine. In fact, they could just be vaping since they enjoy the taste and sensation of it. This means that the general attitude or belief that vaping e-liquid can become addictive is untrue since a lot of vape juice blends are not even addictive in the first place.

E-liquid has some benefits

Vaping e juice actually has some health benefits. One study has found out that vaping e-liquid can actually lead to lowered blood pressure. And many doctors also suggest vaping as an alternative for smokers who have got some form of cancer.

Flavored juice is safe

The unavoidable fact is that flavored e juice needs to have certain chemicals added to it, in order to give it some flavors. What is so startling is the pervasive belief that the added chemical flavors are so dangerous to the health of vapers. The fact of the matter is that the flavoring that is added to vape juice is food-grade chemicals. So the same kind of chemicals that are being added to our everyday snacks is also added to the e-liquid too. It is completely safe to vape flavored e-liquid.

These are just some of the facts that every vaper should be aware of. There are a ton of misconceptions about e juice out there. And hopefully, this article has cleared up some of those misguided beliefs about vape juice and vaping in general.

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