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The Number 1 Vape Blog in the Philippines and the WorldThe Vaping Brotherhood is a group formed for a common goal; to promote the use of e-cigarettes as a better alternative to smoking. The Vaping Brotherhood was founded in 2016 by vape shop owners, which has eventually expanded to vape shops and suppliers of e-liquids and vape mods.

On this blog, we will be posting reviews on vape mods, e-juice brands, as well as other vape-related items. We will also be posting news on the vaping community, events, random things about vaping, and of course, our insights on current issues within the vaping community such as upcoming regulations and derogatory scientific studies.

Our Mission

Our group aims to create a smoke-free world by promoting the use of e-cigarettes. Using this blog as our media, we are expecting to make a notable contribution in achieving this noble goal.

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