The Coolest Vape Ads We Found on the Interwebs

Advertising is the core of every business. No matter how awesome a product is, the lack of an ad campaign is a formula to failure. Vaping products are no different. There are vape ads that are outright tasteless, but there are some that are so good that we decided to make a blog post on…

VIDEO: How to Make a MEGA VAPE from OVT

Youtube user OVT is mad scientist that builds anything from Jetpacks to MEGA Matches. This time, he decided to make every cloudchaser's ultimate dream, a MEGA VAPE mod! The only caveat though, is that it needs to run on your power outlet, but we're sure a car inverter or a generator will work just fine. Hello…

A Roundup of the Best Vape Memes on Reddit

Reddit has its fair share of topics on the vaping industry. As a matter of fact, there are subreddits on the website about vaping discussions, and r/vapememes  is one of them. After hours of browsing through this subreddit, we decided to compile a list of Vape Memes that we think are awesome. Vapor Devil - posted…

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