Vaping Over Smoking: The Ultimate Standoff

Is vaping just as bad as smoking? Is everything that the mainstream media has been feeding us about the bad effects of vaping true? Does the vaping industry raise serious health concerns?These are just some of the questions that one might ask when hearing about the long-debated issue if vaping is just as bad as…

Studies Say That Vaping Might Actually Be Good For You

Even if there is substantial evidence suggesting that vaping is a better alternative to smoking, people who are not part of the culture still consider it just as harmful. Just in the last few months though, evidence among different studies suggest that an e-cigarette is in fact, better than analog smoking. In a recent study…

E-Cigarette Explodes in Man’s Pants — Again

Yet another victim has fallen prey to an exploding e-cigarette battery. It looks like the guy on the hoodie failed to store his batteries properly. Seriously, when will we ever learn? You shouldn't be storing your batteries in your pocket without proper protection. If it comes in contact with any metal object such as a…

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