Why Would You Use Electronic Cigarettes?

Electronic cigarettes have only been available for a few years, but they already have several million users worldwide. They are very popular among smokers who are concerned about the health problems associated with tobacco, and are used as either a smoking cessation aid or a low risk way of smoking. "Smoking" an electronic cigarette is…

Why Starter Kits Are the Best Option for Beginner Vapers

Vaping is growing and evolving at an ever-increasing pace. Knowing what to get, what you need, what’s good for you and what isn’t is extremely important. In the following article, we’ll help you make the right decision about why starter kits are the best option for beginner vapers! For any beginner vapers, or those switching…

Travelling Abroad as a Vaper: What You Need to Know

Travelling as a vaper can be a complicated affair; there are plenty of rules and regulations at airports and in some destinations which can really get in the way of vaping. Although vaping is far safer than smoking cigarettes, there is still a taboo surrounding the activity so, so that you’re as prepared as possible…

Vaping Vs Smoking: Yes, Vaping Really Can Help You Quit

Vaping is one of the quickest to take hold trends in recent history. At the same time, why vaping has become so popular so quickly is simple. Even the most health conscious smokers find it excruciatingly difficult to kick the habit. This being the case, vaping is appreciated by many as the perfect compromise. When…

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