What is Vaping? A Guide For Beginners

What is Vaping? Vaping is an act of inhaling vapor produce by an electronic cigarette. Vaping is said to be a safer alternative to smoking because there is no combustion process unlike in cigarettes, and vape liquids are usually tobacco free. Although there is nicotine present in vape liquids, there is no proof that it…

Why are Stabwood Mods Damn Expensive?

Browse for Stab Wood Mods Stabilized wood mods are getting quite the buzz. These amazing pieces of wood made into mods are such beauties that people will die just to get a piece of it. These colorful pieces of wood are definitely worth the hype, but is it worth the money? What is stabilized wood?…

The 3 Things to Remember to Stay Vaping and Avoid Smoking Cessations

You just bought that nice rad vape mod on sale at the local vape shop and you would like to convince yourself that it's love at first sight and you'll never smoke again. You probably are thinking of all the bad decisions you made in your life that got you addicted to cigarettes and was…

Vaping Etiquette – Stop Being an Annoying Vaper

Over the last few months, we've seen a rise in the number of people complaining about vapers being complete asswipes, irresponsibly blowing clouds everywhere. So, we decided to write a post on Vaping Etiquette to remind everyone on how to enjoy their vaping experience¬†without annoying people. There are 2 main factors¬†that you should be taking…

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