23rd Street Vapes

23rd Street Vapes

We offer an alternative nicotine delivery system. We also sell kratom, in capsules, or loose. We offer over 50 flavors of e juice, and several strains of kratom including premium,white,red,green,Maeng da,Bali,Primo Indo, Red,Green,White Indo,Red Borneo,green Malay,red Thai,and several house blends,Oklahoma Kratom,Oklahoma City Kratom,Oklahoma Kratom shop, Oklahoma’s best little kratom shop, Oklahoma Kratom capsule,Oklahoma Kratom supply,fresh Oklahoma kratom,oklahoma kratom house,Oklahoma kratom pride,Oklahoma Kratom legal,kratom for sale Oklahoma City.
We do try to do our very best at 23rd street Vapes, if you call us we will stay open late for you, if you don’t have enough money we try to work out some type of collateral/payment, we offer rewards programs, and certain loyalty discounts and If you do have a bad experience you can tell me or the manager about it, we try to correct the problem with a solution to make the customer Satisfied. We just celebrated our third year of being in business and are very greatful to be part of the Uptown community in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, and the Oklahoma Kratom community in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

131 NW 23rd St
Oklahoma City, OK

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23rd Street Vapes

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