Vape FTW

Vape FTW

It’s not easy standing out in a market as saturated, highly trafficked and latently controversial as vaping. Vape FTW does this by strictly adhering to three basic tenets: outstanding service, quality and value. Our team, above any and all other objectives, exists to serve the customer to the absolute highest standard. Whether a beginner or a seasoned vaping pro, we’re here to meet your needs to the best of our capability.

Our e-liquid is produced in the traditions of quality and value. Our aim is to produce a fine, premium-level product at a value that is cost-effective to the end user. In that goal we have been very successful, furnishing flavorful e-liquids at prices that are much more affordable than the going standards at most vaporizer outlets, and without compromising on the quality of our product. Our standard is an 80% VG / 20% PG mixture of e-liquid, utilizing VG-based nicotine additives to ensure consistency despite nicotine content. However, we are capable of producing e-liquid in a truly limitless range of VG/PG ratios, nicotine strengths and flavor combinations, making the customer king of their vaping experience.

Furthermore, we partner with FiveStars to provide our customers with loyalty rewards. Every in-store purchase provides a credit on their account that can be redeemed for free e-liquid and hardware discounts. We’re thankful to have the ability to give back to the customers that have given us so much.

1204 SW 59th St
Oklahoma City, OK

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Vape FTW

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